Wholesalers: Find that “Killer” application to manage your inventory.

Keeping inventory management costs down is vital to competitive advantage in the Wholesale industry. An inventory management software program can help Wholesalers reduce inventory costs by providing tighter control of stock levels. That great or “Killer” application will allow you to set complex pricing rules based on individual customers, item types, volume and other criteria. It will enable you to assign different prices for different types of customers. You can also assign different prices for wholesale, retail or online sales.

A “Killer” inventory management application lets you ship orders to your customers more efficiently by organizing your warehouse using tools to track the exact location of items in stock. Employees will be able to pick and fulfill orders faster when they know exactly where to go for the items they need.
A “Killer” inventory management application can maximize profit margin, a key to the success of Wholesalers and Distributors.

A “Killer” inventory management application provides intelligent control over inventory replacement, helping ensure that you have enough on hand to fill anticipated orders, but keep excess stock to a minimum.

A “Killer” application has multi-currency capabilities that let you set prices in each of the foreign currencies in which you may trade as a Wholesaler. If you create orders or invoices for your foreign customers, you want that application to automatically select the correct currency and price, saving you valuable time.

Finally, an integral element in a “Killer” application is the capability for inventory management features to be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) features. As a result, your customers, sales representatives and partners can view updated inventory levels on your Web store. Success in the warehouse can lead to success on the Web.

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