Use CRM to bolster your Wholesale business.

While having a great inventory management software program is key to a Wholesaler’s business, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can also play an essential role in shaping a successful business. It would seem obvious to any business, whether it be wholesale or retail, that the customer be the focal point. However, many businesses do not always see the importance of managing the customer relationship at all stages. The relationship does not have to begin and end with the selling of a product. The relationship actually begins with prospecting, order taking, and continues after the sell with support and up selling.

CRM software can make this entire process more efficient and prompt a Wholesaler to focus on the customer at all stages. CRM software can increase service levels and generate growth in a Wholesale company.

When selecting CRM software the Wholesaler should look for particular features and abilities. A good place to start is selecting a program that automates the entire customer lifecycle from a cold or hot lead, to a qualified prospect, to the customer ordering product, and to follow-up on existing customers. A key feature to look for is an automated up-sell and cross-sell functionality. This would increase your chances of keeping your customers for many years by offering them add-on products and services.

Seek a CRM software program that can provide a single view of all customer data and customer interactions to those in your company who need to see that information. A salesperson can benefit from this greatly as he or she does not have to go to one area to look for a sales history and then another area to see the payment history.

A Wholesaler must have a program that has an integrated order management system. An effective system is one that allows salespeople to take orders from customers in an efficient manner without delaying them with useless commands or fields. This integration should also allow the salesperson to see a full purchase history of all customers.

Ultimately you should look for a Customer Relationship Management software program that has the ability to integrate your e-mail and web marketing. If you want your Wholesale business to also be an E-commerce business, it is vital that your web site is included in the selling process and that all customer interactions are monitored on the Web.

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