How to start a wholesale business

This post is related to the one in which we talked about how to survive the wholesale crisis we released last week. I would like to write about how you can create and start your wholesale business.

Maybe you have heard something about wholesale business? Old-school wholesale business models didn’t rely on the Internet to make their businesses successful but the Internet has changed the way the wholesale business works; at least we think it did. Why are we saying this? The top country with the highest Internet usage is USA. If you are in the US, you should also know that researches show that 63% of the population connects to the Internet for many different reasons.

This simple yet informative statistic is the key fact that tells us that the Internet is the greatest place to start a wholesale business. With a low risk of losing money, time and you can start off with a reasonable budget. Nevertheless you need to work the smart way and learn how to distribute your time and efforts in a wise way.

To enter the wholesale business you do not need to have a huge amount of capital. You just need to organize yourself and start off by dividing your business into two parts;

1. The consumers for your wholesale business.

2. The suppliers for your wholesale business.

How to solve the first part (the consumer).You just need to ask yourself: “How am I going to reach the clients, so they can buy my products?” The answer can be very simple, and I can summarize it in just 2 steps: Research and Promote.

You need to research which products are ‘hot’ in the web at this moment, analyze trends (Google Trends can be very useful for doing this), the important thing is that you stay on top of product trends. Take note of all the products that might get high sells depending on the season of the year. For example, in these days, I would expect a lot of searches for “wholesale flowers” because people are looking forward to giving them out on Saint Valentine’s Day. We can confirm this by doing a quick search in Google Trends:


You can clearly see the peek in the graphic above; when in January the amount of searches for the term “wholesale flowers” started to increase as Saint Valentine’s Day approached.

This information is crucial for your business goals, as you can expect that your products will have a bigger possibility to being sold during these periods of time.

Once you’ve done your homework researching the key products you will be selling in your online wholesale business, you can focus on Promoting your store. Ask for some SEO consultancy, from reputable SEO firms. This will help to make your business visible in the Internet, and will take costumers to your website.

The next thing you need to do is get a list of possible suppliers, and choose the ones that best fit your business needs, but please take note of the following aspects before hiring any supplier:

  • Try to look for suppliers that will drop ship to your wholesale customers. This is really important, as you wouldn’t need to stock any merchandise.
  • This might sound obvious, but be sure that your wholesale supplier sells only top quality products: You do not want to lose credibility, and gain a bad reputation.
  • Try to have samples of your products

If you found this useful head over to our wholesale mall, where you can get a lot more information about Wholesale and business.

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