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Wholesale diabetic shoes

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

The level of the nation’s population diagnosed with diabetes is growing every day. We will explain you here, why it is important to have a trusted diabetic shoes provider.

In this cases, price is not always the right answer, you need to consider first and foremost quality.

You need to consider many aspects to select good diabetic shoes. The main purpose of diabetic shoes is to protect your feet. For example, you need to protect them from bleeding lesions between the toes. They should be comfortable and give you extra support.

Why would you buy them at wholesale prices? If you’re buying wholesale diabetic shoes online and hope to be reimbursed for them through Medicare, then you need to go through a provider that has an on-staff podiatrist.

I found this interesting video: Dr Marybeth Crane from Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas discusses diabetic foot infections and the seriousness of this problem. She recommends that everyone who is a diabetic be seen by a podiatrist at least once a year. Regular diabetic care including diabetic shoe gear, orthotics and high risk foot care can save your life.

Find health/wellness wholesale distributors that have certifications and can provide top quality products at low prices.

Wholesale Jordan Shoes!

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

There are some shoes models that are so popular, that people just keep looking for them everywhere! That’s the case with the Jordan Shoes, you wouldn’t believe me how many request we receive from people asking us for Wholesale Jordan Shoes. Most of the times, those shoes are usually sold at retail prices that can easily exceed $300 dollars. But when you head to outlet stores, that sell those Jordan shoes as well, you can find them at a more affordable price. Of course, one of the drawbacks when you want to buy from an online wholesale store, is the fact that you cannot see or handle the product directly, but when you find a trusted store you have nothing to worry about. The Jordan Shoes are very used, specially in big countries like China, so getting them at wholesale prices, and then selling those through your own online store, seems like a good deal. A couple of questions might come up when you are looking for the right distributor, some of them would be:

  • Are the Jordan Shoes authentic?

You should at least demand from your provider, distributor or online store some sort of authenticity guarantee. By requesting this, you are sure that you are selling top quality products.

  • Can I order a sample first before making a wholesale purchase?

This option gives you the opportunity to check the authenticity and the quality of the shoes, if for some reason the company you are trying to buy from refuses to give you the opportunity to buy a sample first, do some research and find wholesale Jordan shoes distributors elsewhere :)

  • Are there any pictures, testimonials, etc?

A serious distributor must have in it’s page testimonials from previous buyers. You can also contact them directly and ask them to send you pictures and testimonials from previous satisfied customers.

Have you bought Jordan Shoes at wholesale prices before?

Buying Wholesale Jordan Shoes is a hot business right now, if you have worked previously with a wholesale distributor providing Jordan Shoes that meet the requirements above, please let us know! Which distributor would you recommend us?